Ecosystems Ltd. expresses its deep appreciation to the following groups and individuals that have censused Black-faced Spoonbills and provided support and information in the census effort over the years (countries/regions listed in rough order of number of Black-faced Spoonbills counted in these areas):


Chinese Wild Bird Federation and supporters: Dr Woei-horng Fang, Ch'en Shui-sheng, Hsiao Mu-chi, Lin Mao-nan, Oeng Jung-hsuen, Ou Wen-ch'un, Shih Pi-chu, Ueng I-Tsong, Wang Shih-chin, Wen Ch-un-fu, Wu Yung-hua, Jo-Shih Tsai, Lin-Chih Hu, Jung-Hsuan Weng, Tsun-Hsien Tsai, Yueh-Kuey Wu, I-Yun Teng, Hsiao-ming Wang

Wild Bird Society of Tainan: Kuo Chong-chen, Kuo Tung-hui

Liu Liang-li

Hong Kong and Macau:

Hong Kong Bird Watching Society: Lam Chiu-ying, Geoff Carey, Yu Yat-tung, Paul Leader, Paul Aston

World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong/Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve: Dr. Lew Young, David Melville, Dr. Deborah Cha

Chinese University of Hong Kong: Dr. Fox Wong

James Cheesewright

Mainland China:

Guangxi Agricultural University: Zhou Fang

Institute of Coast and Estuary Research, East China Normal University: Dr. Lu Jianjian

Yancheng National-level Nature Reserve: Wang Hui

Guilin Environmental Protection Bureau: Liu Xiaohua

South China Institute of Endangered Animals: Gao Yuren

Neilingding-Futian National-level Nature Reserve: Wang Yongjun

Dongzhaigang Nature Reserve: Zheng Xinren, Huang Zhongqi and staff

Zhang Xiaoming


BirdLife International Vietnam Programme: Jonathan Eames, Dr. Nguyen Cu, Le Trong Trai

Hanoi University: Dr. Le Dien Duc

University of Copenhagen: Anita Pedersen


Wild Bird Society of Japan: Simba Chan, Nakashima Yoshito

Yamashina Institute for Ornithology: Kiyoaki Ozaki

Kyushu/Japan Wetlands Action Network: Nial Moores, Waki Yoshishige

Aki Katsuji

Katoh Yuki

Mrs. Kuwahara

Nakamura Yasuhiro

Nakagami Yoshifumi

Sakurai Akira

Shigata Takano

Mr. Watanabe

Yamamoto Hiroko


Korea Ministry of Environment: Dr. Han Sang-hoon

Korean Association of Wildlife Conservation: Won Pyong-oh

Kyung Hee University: Park Sung-han

Seoul National University: Dr. Lee Woo Shin

Forestry Research Institute: Kim Jin-han, Park Jin-young, Wong Chang-man, Yang Byeong-gug, Yi Jeong-yeon

Cheju National University: Park Haeng-shin, Oh Hung-sik

Cheju Culture and Natural History Museum: Kim Wan-Byung


Prince of Songkla University: Nukul Ruttanadakul, Witool Chaipakdi


Australasian Wader Studies Group: Dr. Mark Barter

Our sincere apologies for any errors or omissions; please contact us with your corrections!

Many other individuals and groups are contributing in other ways to the study and conservation of Black-faced Spoonbills, through research on migration patterns, research in their summer range, public awareness campaigns, convening of scientific meetings and other efforts. However, the winter season census-takers are entirely a volunteer effort, unsupported by regular outside funds. These people are taking their own time, and often considerable effort, to provide invaluable data on the species. It is an extremely small token of our great appreciation to provide this tribute to their ongoing efforts!

Ecosystems Ltd. is also happy to provide contact information for any of these individuals: please contact us at Info@ecosystems-ltd.com for information.

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